About Me

My name is Belle and I’ve spent 15 years as a HR professional working my way up the corporate ladder, in 2014 I was promoted on the condition I relocated to Melbourne, at the time I was single, had itchy feet and was thrilled at the opportunity to not only do my dream job, but also live in my dream city.

On my first day in my dream job, the unthinkable happened I met my soul mate, and did my one career no-no, dated someone from my workplace.  From the moment I met Aaron I knew he was the one, and within 10 days we had our first date, 2 months later we brought an apartment in the inner east suburbs of Melbourne, Aaron proposed within 5 months and were were married and pregnant by the end of the year.

Our life together has been a whirlwind and I wouldn’t change a thing about it, but now we are the parents of an incredible, beautiful, bright and vivacious baby girl, Ava Elizabeth, she is the light of our lives and gives us both a purpose that we never thought possible.

When I was pregnant I really struggled to find a source of information about the real experiences of pregnancy and parenting, but also provided me with good tips and insight about the practical aspects of parenting such as ‘what pram to buy’ and ‘what do i actually do with my baby’, so i had promised myself

As a seasoned HR Professional i’ve juggled 15 years in the corporate sector working across a variety of industries and in leadership roles across a variety of states.  In my spare time I enjoyed wining, dining and travel and have amassed 38 countries on my travel CV, having relocated to the vibrant city of Melbourne for work, I met the love of my life, and embarked on the craziest adventure of my life, Motherhood.

In August 2015, in a relatively new city away from my close girlfriends and family, I became a Mum to the light of my life, Ava, and after a mere 7 week career hiatus, returned back to the corporate world.  When I was pregnant I struggled to find the resources that I needed to help me transition into parenthood, and so many questions from ‘what type of pram do i need’ to what do i do with the baby’ continued to arise and I couldn’t find the resource to help with.

If anyone is reading this, it is my promise to you that I will provide you with my real experiences of being a mum, combined with some of the practical tips and tricks I am picking up along the way.